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❝ was aaliyahs hair relaxed or natural? and if she was natural how did she get such a sleek look to her hair? ❞

Aaliyah’s hair was 100% natural she didn’t like a lot of chemicals in her hair…Her usual routine was getting her hair Washed, Blow-dryed and Flat Ironed ..she flat ironed her twice a month for it to stay flat

Aaliyah’s natural eye color was brown Hd

Aaliyah’s natural eye color was brown

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❝ I was just wondering what baby girl's real eye color was? In the AINBAN era, her eyes were a very chocolate brown and they were choclate brown during the OIAM era but suddenly when to green/hazel towards the Aaliyah era? A lot of people deny her having contacts but could it have been the light? Could they have change colors once she hit a certain light? ❞

Aaliyah’s natural eye color is brown ..whenever you see photos where her eyes are lighter it’s Contacts..I’ll post a photo so you can see the natural color


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August 24th 2001 my mom said i could only bring one hair magazine to my cousin’s house and i brought this one…😿👼 miss u aaliyah


August 24th 2001 my mom said i could only bring one hair magazine to my cousin’s house and i brought this one…😿👼 miss u aaliyah

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Aaliyah & Missy 98’

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❝ Oh, I didn't know Aaliyah's family wasn't involved in the process of making this movie. I just thought you Aaliyah fans were hating on everyone trying to make a movie about her. I love Aaliyah also and I just want to see her get exposure like TLC did with their movie. So many young kids now are TLC fans and I want that for Aaliyah. I didnt know all the details of what was going on so indeed I was wrong. Maybe I shoulda done some research. Lol but u got me together quick lool I desrved dat. Sorry ❞

It happens !! Tho !! A lot of people having been coming at me on Instagram but they failed to understand the bigger picture..if true Aaliyah fans were EVER to be mad at the actress it’s because she accepted the role without a care for Aaliyah’s Family..that isn’t right..These people are going about this wrong way and don’t seem to care so Aaliyah get VERY defensive ..it’s all good tho

❝ This may sound stupid but was the Romeo Must Die album signing with the beige bandana the same day Back In One Piece was filmed? Because the same outfit she was signing with was the same one in the video when she was with the pit bulls. ❞

It is the same day but there’s no footage to my knowledge…There’s a great chance it exists tho..hopefully it will surface one day

❝ Yes there is a significance to this message. Why won't you Aaliyah fans just let someone play her in a movie?? Why must you chase off anyone that is trying to play her?? I mean for God's sakes. Tina Turner, Selena, TLC, James Brown, Ray Charles all had fans that supported others playing them in a movie. Why not Aaliyah fans? I saw how you all cursed out Zendaya and this new girl playing her. The new generation need to know her, and you are keeping her away. Do you know many new fans TLC has now? ❞

First of all .. ALL those people who are involved with the project don’t give 2 SHITS about Aaliyah it’s all about Self gain!! If someone was to truly portray Aaliyah they have to meet her family and close friends get a sense of what she was like !! So the fans and new fans can connect to her and really feel aaliyah..These people need insight!! BUT NO this film is being made without her family’s consent and by COMPLETE strangers who NEVER met her or even experienced her..In this PARTICULAR case that is VERY vital because Aaliyah was Family Oriented ! They were around her 24/7 they were on set of her videos and movies ,they’ve been on tour with her,over seas, etc So if anything is going to be done Pertaining to Aaliyah her family MUST be involved…They knew her BEST..The actresses never once took Aaliyah’s mother into consideration they didn’t even care!! After Zendaya got the backlash she saw that one of the issues was about HER FAMILY not being involved so she dropped out.. 2nd You HONESTLY can’t compare this AALIYAH’S situation to TLC,SELENA, or Tina Turner because the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE is that someone who was 1st hand to this persons life was INVOLVED .in
Selena [her family helped JLo channel her]
TLC had full control of who was portraying who and the storyline
Tina Turner was there on set with Angela Basset sooo your argument is INVALID!

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